Lisa Jeschke - The Anthology of Poems By Drunk Women

Published April 2018 (Third printing January 2023)

With its characteristic combination of total rigour and complete obscenity, this Anthology of Poems by Drunk Women is deeply attentive to the history of language, the complicities and complexities of poetic figuration, the extreme moral impurity of a fierce and funny and vital ethical commitment. A smiley face sits next to a guillotine, a German word next to an English one, should I or should I not marry Donald Trump, where is Chelsea Manning, Caster Semenya is the greatest 800m runner of the current era, fuck the AfD. 


Lisa Jeschke completed a Ph.D in England, and now lives in Munich. She is co-editor of Materials/Materialien, and the author of Dead Cheap (Face Press, 2014), and, with Lucy Beynon, David Cameron: A Theatre of Knife Songs (Shit Valley, 2015) and The Tragedy of Theresa May (Tipped Press, forthcoming). Poems and critical writing have appeared in Botch, Datableed, Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, Materials, No Prizes, Tripwire, &c. 

Read Danny Hayward's piece on the book, 'World History's Teenage Diaries', here. 
Read Sam Rowe's Chicago Review review of the Anthology, alongside Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Beynon's The Tragedy of Theresa May and David Cameron: A Theatre of Knife Songs, here

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