James Goodwin - Faux Ice

Published December 2022

James Goodwin’s Faux Ice contains six poems: ‘Roman Street Sweeper’, ‘TechnomarineMeridian Walk’, ‘Astroturf’, ‘Star Bright Ice’, and ‘Faux Ice, or The Same as Fantasy?’ Goodwin writes:
“A constrained economy of expression is the formative approach I’ve taken with these poems. I was motivated, in my early attempts, to reproduce, as a crystallised element of black lyric expressivity, the condensed form of the grime lyric, and its invocations of blackness as a poetic description of being immersed in and by indistinction. Or aspects of the black life of poetry which do not derive their origins, causes, or relations from communicative modes of clarification in language. And so the poems in Faux Ice are oblique expressions and articulations of the ways reality is refracted by [the] questions of what is real, informing, say, the experience of seeing without being seen on the one hand and having no others on the other.”
Inheriting from eskibeat and drill and from other sources of experimental Black sociopoetics, these poems, with their dispersed and insistently plural voices, aren’t interested in building up, but in dismantling a stable subject, their icy conditions always displaced and subject to change.
“shot of this glean of jewel with the

force of a technomarine to

connect the more looks around the

pressure-encrusted, iced out skip and

lack of any protection”
JAMES GOODWIN is the author of Fleshed out For All the Corners of the Slip (The 87 Press, 2021), and Aspects Caught in The Headspace We’re In: Composition for Friends (Face Press, 2020). He is currently completing a PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London.
A5, perfect bound, 58 pp.

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James Goodwin has assembled a Spotify Playlist to accompany the book which is embedded below and can be accessed at the following link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5lXi0WknLWO9mibKL7Gq44?si=aefb73594d8d4187